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KeySoft Holding Limited is a software development company providing solutions for the MetaTrader Trading Platform. Founded in 2005 and previously known as MetaFX we are now one of the leading software development companies supporting MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. Accumulated knowledge and experience allowes us to work in the field of software development and offer qualitative services and effective solutions to our clients.

While working in the field of programming of financial applications and Metatrader support we have learned to follow one simple principle – reliability is the priority. And just because of this we are using our own well tested libraries for the core logic even in the simplest applications. Due to this we have been able to increase stability of the products and lower the cost of the projects.

We have structured services and solutions for different groups of the clients.

Our solutions for brokers include the development of server side software and integrations with Metatrader Server. Extensive experience in this field allows us to create plugins and feeders of any complexity, provide back-office integrations and reengineer existing solutions. We provide bridging tools and utilities for other platform developers to be able to supply product and service into the Metatrader environment. A bright example of such server based solution is our Multi Account Manager application designed for allocations of the positions to the multiply trading accounts. Another MT4 Server based product is MT4-to-MT4 bridge which allows to connect more than one MT4 server together and organize flexible STP execution model for brokers and liquidity providers.

We consider confidentiality of information one of the key conditions of success. Our company takes full responsibility for nondisclosure of any commercial or technical information received from the clients if such information is considered to be confidential.

We are always open for cooperation and ready to solve the most complex tasks.


Development Team,


KeySoft Holding Limited

Development of custom plugins / data feeders for MetatraderServer / Support of existing products

Latest Products



Multi Account Manager (“MAM”) software for the Metatrader 4 (“MT4”) Servertrading platform. The MAM broadens the functionality of the Metatrader by enabling the Money Manager to effectively trade and manage multiple accounts from a single MT4 interface.



The MT4-to-MT4 bridge consists of two server plugins. The TradeServer plugin is installed on the MT4 Server of the liquidity provider and is used to accept incomming connections from the client brokers.



Smart Hedger is a tool for automatically managing the positions resulting from customer orders. It runs transparently as a plug-in to the MT4 Server.

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